Painting the natural environment and pursuing its infinite possibilities of character and expression remains a focus that began early in my career. The interactions of light, atmosphere, texture and color has driven the imagery in my landscape paintings. The sensation of the elements, the challenge of time and weather are all part of painting in nature, Despite the occasional obstacles the process is often humbling and awe inspiring. Connections that enhance my awareness of the natural environment are made through a process of observed color and patterns regardless of the mediums in use. I seek out the layers that are not immediately apparent for the structure and form that defines atmosphere, water and land.

Air and light is frequently highlighted in my artwork. When they are translated well they are substantial for the creation of a sense of space and reality. An important concept I hold from my Professor Lennart Anderson is to think of a painting as a box of air. My hope is for the paintings to become a place where the viewer can wander in a personal space of air and light and that has a truthfulness of place. That what is grand or simple about that moment in my work will compel the viewer to consider it.

Photography is also a component of my landscape painting process especially when working “en plein air” is not an option. Photography makes available the ability to reconstruct the imagery. The artwork evolves slower but the process of painting involves with the same painting choices as on location. With the benefit of more time in the studio a variety of mediums and techniques can be explored that can push the landscape into realism or aspects of abstraction. In either process I want my artwork to be the result of authentic observation that is chosen for its visible qualities.