Pearl Rosen Golden, was born in Brooklyn and received a Masters of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College. Among her professors at Brooklyn College were Lennart Anderson, Lois Dodd and Phillip Pearlstein. She was drawn to study with them because of her interest in pursuing   figurative and realistic painting.

As a showing artist she became known for her paintings of sensitively depicting light and atmosphere in landscapes. She received two reviews in ArtNews  in 1985 and 1990.

In ARTnews in 1990 Nancy Grimes wrote, “Her landscapes become intimate theaters in which the spectator succumbs to a mood of quiet reverence in the presence of something larger than himself”. That quote is still true today of Ms. Rosen Golden works and her feelings in producing her body of work.  Ms. Rosen Golden states, "much of my imagery searches for the quiet places with particulars of a moment, a captured space of peace or a memory rediscovered. I always aim for "a box of air" to quote my dear Professor Lennart Anderson. That the space I create in my paintings will become a retreat for the viewer to indulge in. In this crazy time we need to know there is still peace and beauty in paint that warms the soul. It is possible for art to center us in aiming for what is important in life. I will paint my paintings and put that energy out there".

Her most resent works are inspired by the environment of homes in Long Beach, New York and Seattle, Washington. The exposure of woods and mountains on one coast and the ocean on the other has created ample opportunity and challenge to respond in numerous mediums to both. 

Among the many mediums she is skilled in includes printmaking where she has been part of several print portfolios. Each one of the portfolios have been collected in institutions and including in the collections of the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute, Utica, New York and Pinacoteca - Museu de São Paulo de Arte Contemporânea, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

MS. Rosen Golden lives with her artist and musician husband Robert Golden. 

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