Pearl Rosen Golden is an artist of diverse and myriad mediums, including oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and printmaking techniques. She works in Nassau County, New York, where her doorstep view of the Atlantic ocean informs many of her pieces. As a showing artist, Rosen Golden is best known for her inviting natural landscapes that create a sense of place with light and atmosphere. The ocean with jetties, the woods, and aerial views are her frequent focus. Her works have been described as evocative landscapes fused with a sense of life, which at times approach the spiritual and surreal. In ARTnews in 1990, Nancy Grimes wrote “Her landscapes become intimate theaters in which the spectator succumbs to a mood of quiet reverence in the presence of something larger than himself.”

Rosen Golden graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College in 1979. She has been a member of New York City’s Prince Street Gallery and First Street Gallery. Her work is also in numerous museums such as Pinoteca-Museu de São Paulo de Arte Contemporâne (São Paolo, Brazil), the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute (Utica, NY) and more. Rosen Golden has participated in several print portfolio editions, including “The Woman's Portfolio of Faculty and Alumni of Brooklyn College,” “Brooklyn Arts Council Print Portfolio 2000,” and the Goloborotko's Studio 20th Anniversary Edition. She continues to address social, environmental and political issues through her paintings and in the collaborative book art projects by Carla Rae Johnson, including “The Arc of the Moral Universe: A Notebook Project” and her recently completed second book, “The Arc of the Viral Universe: A Notebook Project”. Before working exclusively as an artist, Rosen Golden was also an arts educator. She was Special Education Coordinator for the Queens Museum of Art developing the program “ArtAccess” and “Autism in the Arts” for the Nassau Museum of Art. She also served as a professor, consultant, and speaker for Queens College, Continuing Professional Studies at Bank Street College, and Art Education for the Blind. 

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