Ink Work

Seattle view from Deck, walnut ink 7" x 7"

Ink work

Ink in various forms especially in sumi ink, walnut ink, permanent ink, Asian brush pen and fountain pen ink has increasingly become my medium for beginning works and exploring ideas. I find that it is the medium I think with. My fountain pen and sometimes tinted ink in brush pens accompany me on my walks in Long Beach and Seattle. On this page are several examples of pages from my sketch books.

I regularly use ink in combination with other materials. They are often a first layer and occasionally a last layer. In the Light in the Clouds page art work shown are examples of ink wash on paper mounted on panel and layered with acrylic. I have then used that as a first layer for a painting. Ink in combination with watercolor, gouache and colored pencils at all levels in the process make for wonderful texture and description of form. Sometimes the ink remains visible and sometimes it is not.

I often don’t do a pencil sketch before using ink. I like the mark on the fresh paper making visual notes instead of pencil notes. I like the challenge and rewards of that process. 

 Seattle Street, brush pen 5" x 7" sketchbook

Memory Sketch, ink and gold wash 5" x 8"

Seattle sketchbook: West 5th St. Book 5" x 3" images 10" x 3" 

Seattle sketchbook: West 4th St. Book 5" x 3" images 10" x 3" 

 Long Beach sketchbook: Neighborhood house, Book 5" x 3" image 6" x 5"

Long Beach Fog, Ink wash 5" x 7" 

Northwest Sketch, Ink wash and brush pen approx. 8" x 15"

Queen Anne Hill Sketch, ink wash and pens 5"x7"

Pot on the Deck, Walnut ink, 8" x 5" sketchbook,

Green Lake Foliage, Walnut ink wash 10" x 8" 

Long Beach Ocean Sketch, brush pen on tinted paper 5" x 7 sketchbook 

Reynolds Channel ink wash on gesso panel 6" square