First Blog Post: Seen from Above and sumi ink wash comments

Sunday, January 22, 2017 5:06 PM

First post on my new Pearl’s Art Work Blog! This blog will discuss use of materials, techniques and "the happy accident” in the art making process. I also intend to review artwork in my blog. Although at this point I am thinking of focusing on two-dimensional mediums who knows where this might lead. Art process is always exciting for me and I look forward to sharing my works in progress as well as those of other artists! I hope this will become a lively place to share thoughts, tips and inspiration.  

My first discussion for this blog is called, "Seen From Above". If you happened to find yourself at my computer you may come accross a section of photos I call, "From the air”. You will find hundreds of photos that I have been shooting from planes for many years. My last flight went from day to night with an extraordinary slow sequence of changing color just above the clouds. I hope to commit that to paint and when I do I will post my progress in my blog and website.  My God, I love Georgia O’Keefe's abstract-like paintings from planes! I can’t help thinking about her every time I shoot photos from a plane. 

Since I did promise to talk about process and materials. I will like to discuss my paper choices in my sumi ink washes (I will take acrylic painting up another time). The sumi ink washes are on two different types of paper. "From the Air Cascades 1 & 2" are painted on cold press Arches. "Ink Wash Cascade Mountains” is painted on hot press Stonehenge paper. As an alternative I also like to use Fabriano hot press. The choice of paper for the work can influence the appearance of ink washes in tonal transition and overall quality.  Hot press papers may lend a bit more control to the wash and can feature smoother edges that give the image photo-like qualities. The cold press paper can lend to a bolder style of strong contrast and sharper edges. These works had to be painted in multiple sittings for layers to dry in between. I usually begin the process of painting washes on paper that has been sprayed wet. There are more example of sumi washes on my Ink Washes page

Till next time!


Over the Cascades  

Acrylic on Panel 16” x  20”  2012


From Air Cascades 1& 2

5"x 8"  2012

Ink Wash Cascade Mountains

7" x 6" 2012

This book is in the collection of the

Brooklyn Art Library

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Imagery as seen from an airplane has been an interest of mine for some time. Trips across the country provided a motive to create sumi ink washes of the Cascade Mountains. This progressed into the painting “Over the Cascades”. I also created a book for the Sketchbook Project called, “Travel with Me Over America”. It features fold out pages of acrylic paintings of a changing sunset over Florida and clouds hugging the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. I wrote in my book,” The land and atmosphere viewed from above is something of a painters dream”. Inspiring yet challenging is the problem of making a remarkable expanse and atmosphere believable and enduring. I look to Georgia O’Keefe whose paintings from the air capture  ”awe” in her patterns of clouds and her gentle flow of rivers and land. I also turn to Lois Dodd, my dear teacher and friend, who is always true to her interests and in finding what makes looking at something so special. My painting "Over the Cascades" was chosen by Lois to be in the show "Lois Dodd and Her Students" at The Firehouse Center, in Damariscotta, Maine.